Welcome to 404handler Demo

This is the default website page.

The 404handler takes the input from URL and if it not found then checks the database and redirects if found or returns to a 404 error page (configurable)

Key benefits: Works with most sites, centralize management of shortlinks, 8 character unique ID generated, option: only one URL per id! or allow repeats for multiple tracking.

You can admin ( add, change delete) shortlinks via the admin page

Here are some samples:
https://404handlerdemo.jorgep.com/google This link will redirect you to google.com

https://404handlerdemo.jorgep.com/docs this link will redirect you to the developer's 404 app handler page

https://404handlerdemo.jorgep.com/abc this link will redirectthe the 404 error page as it does not exist

For more informaiton about this PHP script to handle 404 errors and shortlinks plase see : this page